FOUR SEASONS was a hugely ambitious series of cross-disciplinary work that spanned 5 years of MBD's life. Each piece looked to the seasons to reflect different stages of life. Whether in galleries or outdoor spaces, these installations fused theatrical storytelling with state of the art automation to produce a series of living, breathing and constantly changing experiences.

Occasionally a side character, sometimes the focus, FOUR SEASONS followed Polly's journey from 8 to 80 years old, charting innocence, love, loss, regret and acceptance along the way.

SPRING, an outlandish, innocent and interactive garden was a huge hit with children and the young and heart. Piecing together the experiences of the garden's varied inhabitants, from moles to mushy peas, audiences could see the world through the eyes of an excitable 8 year old.

SUMMER investigated the highs and lows of early adult life and captured the excitement and uncertainty of a time filled with opportunities, adventure, growing responsibility and a countless array of life changing decisions.

AUTUMN offered an atmospheric and contemplative experience. Using a constantly shifting blend of lights, projection and twisted woodland, accompanied by a captivating electronic score, AUTUMN was an immersive snapshot of people entering the second half of their lives.

WINTER, an mp3 audio tour through a mysterious winter landscape combined cutting edge design, an engaging narrative and a captivating piano score to create a thoughtful, intimate and moving experience that brought closure to the life of Polly.