Ever wanted to be part of an MBD project? Here's how you can….

We are looking for volunteers and interviewees to be part of our latest Empire Soldiers project. 

Empire Soldiers - A South Asian Story will tell the stories of the Indian Soldiers who fought in WW1, their move to the UK, and the stories of their families in the 100 years since.

2018 is the centenary of the end of World War One and is the perfect time to share these amazing stories with a wide audience.  This incredible history will then be turned into a Virtual Reality film by our artistic team.

The film will be shown at a celebratory screening in Leicester in the summer and then toured across the UK in late 2018.

We are looking for people to be part of this amazing journey with us.  There are two ways that you can be involved:


We are really keen to uncover stories from people of South Asian Heritage who may have ancestors who fought in world war one. Alternatively if you have an interesting story about how your family's move to the UK we would love to hear it.  We will be recording the interviews, and some of the audio may be used in the final VR film.

If you have a story to tell, get in touch!


We are also looking for volunteers to form a research group. From late February to mid March, Volunteers will:

1.    Attend workshops and talks with heritage experts

2.    Go on free research trips to uncover more information about the soldiers who fought in World War 1

3.    Receive training in Oral archiving and the art of conducting interviews

4.    Get the opportunity to take part in the interview process to record audio content for the VR film

If you’re passionate about heritage and would like to be involved, or have a story to share, please contact charlotte@metro-boulot-dodo.com or call us on 0116 2533439

Charlotte Angharad