SAFE HOUSE: A spectacular large-scale outdoor performance that explored the significance of home and the importance of being part of a community.

As night fell our mysterious house dramatically came to life. A figure appeared on the roof and began to share its story. Over the next 40 minutes we witnessed a family moving in, a child playing within its walls, a teenager desperate to escape and an old lady who could not leave.

Using large-scale projections and aerial performance, the house dramatically transformed into a variety of breath taking visual backdrops. SAFE HOUSE explored the emotional space that lies between HOUSE and HOME, and followed one person's journey to find a place to call home.

The spectacular finale combined aerial performance with an exhilarating quick frame animation of hundreds of photographs taken by local participants. 

“...innovative and nothing short of incredible.” 

“...young and old were captivated in silence – only interrupted by bursts of applause.”

Brighton Argus


“It is the unexpected intimacy in a large-scale outdoor show that is so touching.”

“’s a reminder that outdoor shows can do quiet.” 

The Guardian


Brighton Argus Angel AWARD WINER 2014